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Press Releases

May 28th, 1998
Landmark Lawsuit Challenges FDA Policy on Genetically Engineered Food
An unprecedented coalition of scientists, religious leaders, health professionals, consumers and chefs filed suit today, May 27, 1998, against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to obtain mandatory safety testing and labeling of genetically engi.
November 9th, 2017
USDA Further Delays Critical Organic Welfare Rule, Betraying Organic Farmers, Consumers, and Animals DUPLICATE
USDA Further Delays Critical Organic Welfare Rule, Betraying Organic Farmers, Consumers, and Animals This is the third time the rules, which were developed through 17 years of stakeholder input and finalized under Obama, have been delayed from .
October 21st, 2009
USDA holds hearings on proposed National Leafy Green Marketing Agreement
Breaches in food safety in the U.S. continue to make international headlines as contamination incidents arise and tragic, personal stories about food borne illnesses unfold.
December 3rd, 2009
Sustainable Food Systems as a Climate Solution--CFS In Copenhagen
CFS staff are on their way to Copenhagen as part of our Cool Foods Campaign strategy to promote sustainable agriculture as a key solution to climate change.
May 18th, 2009
Reliance on Biotech in Food Aid Bill is a Step in the Wrong Direction
An effort to fight global poverty and hunger may become a Trojan horse to force genetically engineered crops on countries and farmers that do not want them. In the Senate, Senators Bob Casey (D-Penn.) and Dick Lugar (R-Ind.
June 29th, 2012
This is Your Meat on Drugs. CFS Joins Consumer Campaign for Meat Produced without Antibiotics
The Center for Food Safety has joined Consumers Union and Fix Food for the launch of Meat Without Drugs, a campaign urging supermarkets to only sell meat raised without antibiotics.
April 14th, 2010
NRC Report on Genetically Engineered Crops Misses the Mark on â??Sustainabilityâ?
Genetically Engineered Crops Are Already Having Negative Impact on Farm Sustainability in the United States The Center for Food Safety today released a statement in response to a National Research Council (NRC) report that purports to address th.
August 6th, 2009
National Organic Coalition Applauds USDAâ??s Decision to Seek Independent Oversight of National Organic Program
Action Ensures Consistent Enforcement of Organic Standards At the urging of the National Organic Coalition and others, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced that it will subject its National Organic Program (NOP) to a st.
June 19th, 2012
Farm Groups and Public Interest Advocates Join Forces to Oust Dangerous â??Biotech Provisionâ?? From Agriculture Spending Bill
Hidden rider poses unprecedented constitutional assault, blocks USDA authority and denies GE crop safeguards The Center for Food Safety (CFS) and a coalition of farm, food safety, environmental and consumer advocacy groups today formally subm.
June 4th, 2012
Groups ask FDA for final response to petition, seek comprehensive and transparent review of environmental risks presented by â??frankenfishâ?
Public remains in the dark another year as the federal government considers approving genetically engineered salmon Earthjustice sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last Friday calling on the agency to provide a final subst.
May 26th, 2011
Environmental Groups Petition Federal Government to Complete Full and Transparent Review of Environmental Impacts Associated with â??Frankenfishâ?
FDA poised to take action on the first-ever application to market a genetically engineered salmon without adequate consideration of environmental risks and public input Earthjustice, on behalf of Ocean Conservancy, Friends of the Earth, Center f.
October 13th, 2011
New Report: A Global Citizens Report on the State of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)â?'False Promises, Failed Technologies
Published by Navdanya (India), Navdanya International, the International Commission on the Future of Food, with the participation of the Center for Food Safety. The report consists of contributions from groups around the world.
June 1st, 2011
Family Farmers Amplify Complaint Against Monsantoâ??s GMOs, Reinforcing Their Arguments With Two Dozen Additional Plaintiffs
Monsanto’s Failure to Provide Binding Legal Covenant To Protect Family Farmers Threatened by GMO Contamination Necessitates Amended Complaint New threats by Monsanto have led to the filing of an amended complaint by the Public Patent F.
December 16th, 2010
USDA Releases Final Environmental Impact Statement for Genetically Engineered Alfalfa
July 12th, 2012
The Centerâ??s Statement on House Agriculture Committeeâ??s Passage of the Farm Bill
Riders attacking GE crop safeguards and USDA review process remain amid growing concerns over risk to nation’s food supply The U.S.