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Just Ingredients Podcast Featuring Andrew Kimbrell

May 8th, 2023
Center for Food Safety



The Just Ingredients Podcast, a place to find all the best ingredients for life. Karalynne Call, creator and owner of the popular Instagram account and product line Just Ingredients, talks about all things nourishing for the mind, body, and soul. Karalynne believes that nature provides the necessary nutrition in order for people to live healthy, happy lives full of energy and inspires others to make a change in their eating habits and daily product use. With the help of her guests, Karalynne shares tips and tricks, how-to's, and why's behind choosing better, whole, non-toxic ingredients for your family and healing your body and mind from within.

In today's episode, Andrew Kimbrell and Karalynne discuss all about glyphosate and other harmful toxins. He teaches us about how glyphosate has changed over time and how it affects our health and causes cancer. He dives into what organic means when it comes to labeling foods in the store. He teaches us about how The Center for Food Safety is passionate about protecting the integrity of organic.