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Protecting Our Food, Farms & Environment
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Pacific Northwest
Hawai'i CFS

Policy Comments

November 27th, 2000
| GE Foods
Comments concerning the Environmental Protection Agency's assessment of scientific information concerning Aventis Cropscience's StarLink corn
July 25th, 2000
| Food Irradiation
Letter to USDA-APHIS opposing irradiation of imported fruit and vegetable commodities
March 13th, 2000
| Organic & Beyond
CFS Comments on the New Organic Standards
March 1st, 2000
| Organic & Beyond
Comparative Analysis of NOSB Recommendations and OTA's American Organic Standards
October 29th, 1999
| Organic & Beyond
Letter to Kathleen Merrigan, Director Agriculture Marketing Service, USDA urging the USDA to establish a simple, cost-effective cost-share program for organic small farmers
September 29th, 1998
| Organic & Beyond
Memorandum To National Organic Standards Board: RE: Ex Parte Communications
April 30th, 1998
| Organic & Beyond
CFS comments concerning the draft proposal for 'Guideline for determining whether a processing technology shall be reviewed by the National Organic Standards Board.'
April 30th, 1998
| Organic & Beyond
Comments submitted to Docket No. TMD-94-00-2, USDA's [first] Proposed National Organic Program
April 1st, 1998
| Organic & Beyond
Letter to the Secretary of Agriculture, Dan Glickman
| GE Foods
Genetically Modified (GM) Crops and Pesticide Use
| GE Foods
Comments to FDA on Proposed Voluntary Guidance for Early Safety Testing