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USDA holds hearings on proposed National Leafy Green Marketing Agreement

October 21, 2009
Center for Food Safety
Breaches in food safety in the U.S. continue to make international headlines as contamination incidents arise and tragic, personal stories about food borne illnesses unfold. In response, the US Department of Agriculture is holding hearings across the country on a proposed National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (NLGMA). If adopted, the LGMA would serve to further consolidate and industrialize our nationâ??s food system, to the detriment of small, medium-sized and family farmers. It would also undermine organic agriculture through draconian measures that would destroy habitats and cripple biodiversity on farms, with no scientific proof that these measures would actually improve food safety. Read CFSâ??s testimony on the LGMA presented at the hearing in Monterey, California. You can also watch videos of the hearing in California and elsewhere.