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Sustainable Food Systems as a Climate Solution--CFS In Copenhagen

December 03, 2009
Center for Food Safety
CFS staff are on their way to Copenhagen as part of our Cool Foods Campaign strategy to promote sustainable agriculture as a key solution to climate change. CFS will be co-hosting 2 events in Copenhagen: a panel discussion at Klimaforum09, â??Say No to GMOs â?? Why Genetically Modified Crops Are Not a Climate or Food Security Solution,â? featuring Dr. Vandana Shiva and CFSâ??s International Director Debbie Barker. CFS will also be part of The International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture, sponsored by the regional government of Tuscany, Italy, event on climate change and food security. CFS is working to promote a new vision of sustainable, ecological food systems as a major climate mitigation strategy and also an adaptation approach to help ensure food security in times of climate chaos. For more information about our Cool Foods Campaign, please visit: