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A Message From Michael Pollan: Support CFS

If you saw the film "Food Inc.", you heard Michael Pollan talking about the prosecution of farmers across the country by Monsanto for patent infringement. Starting several years ago, CFS discovered that Monsanto, the worlds leading agricultural biotechnology company, has used heavy-handed investigations and ruthless prosecutions that have fundamentally changed the way many American farmers farm. The agribusiness giant has sued hundreds of farmers over GMO crops, and has been awarded more than $20 million from these farmers. The result has been nothing less than an assault on the foundations of farming practices and traditions that have endured for centuries in this country and millennia around the world, including one of the oldest the right to save and replant crop seed.

CFS has been at the forefront of protecting farmers from these assaults by Monsanto. We have uncovered this startling practice of Monsanto suing farmers via our groundbreaking report Monsanto vs. U.S. Farmers. Weve helped and participated in farmers legal defense again Monsanto. And weve set up a hotline for farmers to call if theyre facing lawsuits or threats from Monsanto to help them get guidance and legal referrals. Please help CFS stop this corporate persecution of our farmers in its tracks by supporting our work today. Read more and donate today at