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WEBINAR: The Fight to Save Our Oceans: The Faces Behind the Cases

In this webinar, you'll learn how the top Center for Food Safety attorneys are fighting to protect our oceans and shorelines from the harms of industrial aquaculture facilities, also known as "floating factory farms."

The newest front in the battle for the future of our food is the threat of factory farms in our oceans. With wild stocks disappearing, rather than fight to sustain and regenerate them, corporations see an opening to apply the unsustainable industrial agriculture model to fisheries.

Across our coastlines, huge companies have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent the regulation of near-shore and off-shore aquaculture facilities and the adverse impacts these operations have on our environment. 

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Puget Sound of Washington, for the past decade Center for Food Safety has been leading the charge to protect our oceans from the threats of industrial aquaculture. Meet CFS attorneys George Kimbrell, Sylvia Wu, and Amy Van Saun to learn how this industry is encroaching on both our open oceans and coastal shorelines and what we're doing to protect them!

The webinar was originally held via Zoom on 10/20/2020.


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