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Citizen Legislative Advocacy Resources

Meeting with your members of Congress when they are in their home districts for recess is a great way to get involved in the fight for federal labeling of genetically engineered foods. Here you will find a number of resources to help you. Of course, if you have questions, just email us at and we’d be happy to help you!

Download our Citizen Lobbyist Packet on Labeling GE Foods
Here you’ll find answers to all of your questions, including what citizen lobbying entails, how to set up a meeting, key talking points on the Federal GE labeling bill, and FAQ’s about GE crops and foods.

Other resources you may find helpful:

Will labeling cost consumer’s more?
A report conducted on behalf of Consumers Union, the public policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports,  assessed the potential for increased food prices if mandatory GE labeling requirements are adopted. The study concluded that the average cost of labeling across the studies was only $2.30 per person per year.

What percentage of Americans want GMOs labeled?
Recent polls by ABC News and The New York Times found that 93% of Americans favor labeling of GE food. Other U.S. Polls on GE Food Labeling

What other countries label GE foods?
International Labeling Laws: Latest research shows 64 nations enforce consumer 'right to know' laws for GE foods, while U.S. lags behind

Are GE crops necessary to feed the world?
Check out our blog debunking this and other myths about GMOs. For years the biotechnology industry has trumpeted that it will feed the world, promising that its genetically engineered crops will produce higher yields. That promise has proven to be empty. Despite 20 years of research and 13 years of commercialization, genetic engineering has failed to significantly increase U.S. crop yields.

How do I find out who my representatives are?
Find your elected officials here

Did you meet with you member(s) of Congress? Tell us how it went!


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