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Frozen Foods

Center for Food Safety

Many frozen foods are highly processed. Keep an eye out for the Big Five at-risk ingredients and stay away from frozen foods that contain them, unless they are labeled as Organic and Non-GMO. Luckily, many frozen vegetables and fruits don’t have any other additives, making these products good choices.

Non-GMO May Contain GMOs

A.C. LaRocco
Amy’s Kitchen
Barbara’s Certified Organic
Cascadian Farms Organic frozen meals and vegetables
Helen’s Kitchen
Ian’s Natural Foods
Linda McCartney frozen meals
Mom Made Meals
Morningstar Farms Organic (*Organic line ONLY)
Rising Moon
The Simply Soyman
Woodstock Farms

Boca -- unless labeled organic (Kraft)
Celeste (Pinnacle Foods)
Eggo Waffles (Kellogg)
Green Giant frozen meals (General Mills)
Healthy Choice (ConAgra)
Kid’s Cuisine (ConAgra)
Lean Cuisine (Nestle)
Marie Callender’s (ConAgra)
Morningstar Farms (Kellogg)
Morningstar Farms Natural Touch (unless labeled organic)
Rosetto Frozen Pasta (Nestle)
Stouffer’s (Nestle)
Swanson (Campbell’s)
Tombstone (Kraft)
Totino’s (Smucker’s)
Voila! (Birds Eye/Unilever)

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